While craps isn’t a complicated game, many people are confused by the confusing terminology and numerous betting options. This article will focus on the best craps books on the market, including strategy books for advanced players and beginners books.

John Patrick’s Craps for Clueless: A Beginners Guide To Playing and Winning

Craps for Clueless reveals the secrets to winning professional gamblers, as well as the object of the game. It provides basic information about playing craps, as the name suggests. In other words, the book makes it easy to comprehend even if you’ve never been to a craps table.

John Patrick is a professional gambler and author of numerous gaming guidebooks. He was also the host of “So You Wanna Be a Gambler,” which aired for over a decade on national cable networks. Patrick believes that success in gambling comes down to four things, which he calls the “Big Four,” which are proper bankroll management, knowledge of the game, and money management.

Whip the Craps out of Casinos: How To Play Craps and Win By Frank Scoblete

The book provides valuable information both for newbies and experienced players. This book includes information on how to beat the game, including which bets will lower the house edge and which should be avoided by intelligent players.

Frank Scoblete, one of the most popular gambling authors in America, is also the director of Golden Touch, which offers seminars on blackjack and craps. Scoblete also recommends “The Captains Craps Revolution,” Forever Craps, and “Get the Edge at Craps.”

Craps: Run for the Money by Henry J. Tamburin

Take the Money and Run is about how to make profits playing at casinos quickly. The book provides information on the game’s mechanics and offers recommendations for the best bets. It also contains the Increased Odds craps betting strategy and the Take the Money and Run discipline that promise to maximize profits. Take the Money and Run contains special chapters about tournaments and new variations. The book also provides a particular chapter on using the pass line bet (gambling-portal.com/pass-line.html) for maximizing your profits.

Dr. Henry J. Tamburin is a professional gambler who has played for more than 25 years. His betting method and discipline are based on his winning experience.

Casino Craps Control by Yuri Kononenko

This guidebook briefly introduces dice control from both the mathematical and mechanical perspectives.

Frank Scoblete’s book “Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution” (recommended by the Library of Congress) and “Craps Underground, The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers Are Making Millions From the Casinos” (recommended by the Library of Congress) are two other books that can be recommended.

Craps are more than rolling some dice. That’s why it is one of the most loved online casino games. Many simple rules and tutorials are available, and many people will be happy to offer advice. Here are some tips to help you win more craps online or in real casinos.

You can place as many odds bets that you want, even if you didn’t make a pass or come wager. Craps’ odds bets don’t have any house advantage. The house advantage on the pass-and-coming line bets is only one-and-a-half percent. On the other hand, proposition bets are significantly more favorable to the casino. Odds bets have the highest chance of winning. It would help if you placed them generously.

It would help if you did not believe anyone who claims they can guarantee you a win. You don’t have such a system, and the odds of winning are not in your favor in most cases. You need to be competent to reduce the odds of the horse winning. It would be best if you didn’t believe that one throw of the dice would affect another. These are all independent rolls. It doesn’t matter how frequently a number appears – it still has the same chance each time.

Never attempt to set the dice in an actual game unless you are confident in your abilities. Once the dice hit the craps table wall, they fall, you can’t control their movement, and almost nobody can control how they land. The laws of physics cannot be changed. This temptation is absent in online gaming, so you won’t be blinded by the idea that you might cheat.

Don’t rely on the casino for your money. Playing online and offline casino games are great fun, but gaming should not be a way to make money. Avoid bad habits and avoid overextending your bankroll. Stick to your loss limit like glue. It can be tempting to keep going, but there is no reason to think you will ever get it back. There’s a simple strategy that will get you out of the rut.

If you have a good time gambling, winning at craps will be worthwhile. You can only wager your winnings if you are up by 75% to 100% of your bankroll. This will ensure you come out even or, if you are lucky, even ahead. Remember to have fun while playing craps.


This game isn’t as popular as blackjack or poker, but it offers the most significant opportunity. Casinos focus on making a profit through popular games. Profit from this game instead of taking advantage of it.