You will find rows after rows of slot machines scattered throughout any casino. These spinning, twirling machines are the most common attraction in a betting area. It is quite exciting to hand over a dollar and be rewarded with two dollars. But unfortunately, some people are tied to their casino handle for their entire livelihood.

Megabucks claims that “one pull can make a difference in your life.” Is it possible? This is what some people believe. They pull one time and they suddenly feel a lot richer.

Others find it frustrating to keep their money in the machine, which results in frustration and heartbreak. It’s a game of chance, which always favors the house. This article will explain how slot machines work.

What is the working principle of online slot machines?

Slot machines are a game that is purely based on chance. There is no skill required. Instead, the number of symbols and drums in the machine determines whether or not you win.

Simply insert money in cash, coins, or the new bar-coded tickets system. Then, you can either pull the handle or push a button. The machine will print out all possible winning combinations to tell you how much the payout is.

What are other names for slot machines?

You may have heard of slot machines being called one-armed bandits due to the way the lever is placed on the side of each machine. It could also refer to players being more likely to lose their money to the slot machine.

Fruit machines are the British name for slot machines. This is likely because most slot machines feature fruits symbols to create winning matches. The Australian term for a slot machine is a poker machine.

What is the average amount of money a slot machine makes?

Payout systems determine how much money a slot machine can make. The electronic program of the slot machine allows it to pay a specific payout, such as 95%.

A typical payout is between 82-98% of the money put into the machine. The house gets a certain amount of the money, while the rest goes to the player. The machine typically keeps 50% of the money for its use and the house.

What is a Random Number Generator (or Random Number Generator)?

The machine’s random number generator (or RNG) is what selects the positions on the reels. The RNG is used constantly to generate new combinations or positions for payouts.

A new set of numbers are generated each time a person presses or pulls the lever. Are there any obvious sequences to the numbers? Theoretically, yes. After a certain number of pulls on a machine, the sequence numbers could be brought up again.

Narcos Slot Review

Narcos, one of the most popular Netflix series, has inspired an online NetEnt game. This Narcos slot review will take us back to Columbia in the 1970s when Pablo Escobar ran his vast drug empire, and the DEA set about to bring him down.

If you’ve seen the TV series, you might have expected the Narcos online slot game to be full of violence and drugs.NetEnt has intentionally toned it down. As the reels spin, you will see explosions, guns, and piles of cash. This is not a game that’s suitable for children.

Narcos has 243 ways to win and features that will give you an extra edge. Some of the highest payouts can be achieved by walking wild symbols, free spins, and a Locked Up bonus.

Can this game beat the rest? You can play it free right here or read our complete Narcos online slots review before you visit one of our top-rated online casinos to play it for real money.

Meet the Narcos

Thematic slots based on TV or movies often feature real stars. However, the Narcos slot machine uses realistic drawings. These reels will feature Wagner Moura as Escobar and Pedro Pascal as Javier Pena. Joanna Christie will play Connie Murphy, but not as real photos. Although these illustrations are a better photo substitute, our Narcos slot review team would prefer photo images.

Flamingos are another symbol in the game. Their light aircraft is undoubtedly loaded with something illegal, as well as playing card symbols that are decorated with guns or cash.

The game’s background looks like a Wild West town. The animated background fits perfectly into the reels. As some bonus rounds become active, the view changes. Night-time gun battles and drive-by shootings link the Narcos online slot with the TV series.

The NetEnt Narcos slot machine has all of the high-end animations we’re used to from the Swedish developer. Mariachi-style music is played out. While it’s unrelated to the show, it adds to the mood. This is what our review team agreed upon.

Find ways to win by sniffing out. You can win a prize if you land matching symbols on any reel adjacent to the left. This is called the 243 Ways To Win format. This is a popular option to traditional pay lines and has given Narcos online slots moderate volatility. Combined with a 96.23% average RTP, this should result in frequent winning combinations.

The stakes for the Narcos slot machine are between 0.20 to 400.00 per spin. This extensive range of bets should fit almost any bankroll, except if you’re the head of a central cartel that requires vast sums of money laundering.

The Narcos Slot Review Team discovered that the game worked well on desktop computers and mobile devices, including iOS and Android. It has been licensed to fair gaming, and independent auditors tested it before release.

You can trigger the bonus features

Like the TV series it is based on, Narcos has a slot machine packed with action. The police badge acts as a wild symbol and can be used to complete any sequence. Walking wilds move one position to the left during the next spins. A wild appears on the right side reel and will remain in play for four spins.

Random Drive-By features see a car race past while bullets shoot from the windows onto the reels. Any shots that hit these character symbols will turn them into wilds, and any new wins will be calculated.